Systems of Rice Intensification Podcast Series

LINKS are delighted to announce the release of our Systems of Rice Intensification Podcast.

The podcast showcases the work that the LINKS team has been doing in promoting and implementing Systems of Rice Intensification (SRI) within Northern Nigeria. SRI reduces methane gas emissions that are normally produced when growing rice. SRI has shown that it can more than double the yield per ha while reducing the inputs used by as much as 50%, thus providing farmers with significant income growth.

Over 6 episodes, members of the LINKS team, including Dr Adnan and Dahiru Mukhtar, give an overview of the SRI methodology, as well as diving deep into land preparation & transplanting, water & weed management, previous farming practices and post-harvest handling.

Through this podcast, LINKS is sharing its knowledge surrounding SRI, aiming to promote the uptake of this farming methodology that has brought widespread social, economic and environmental transformation to Northern Nigeria.

All episodes are in Hausa.

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COVID- 19 Response

Project implementation in these unprecedented times is challenging for all of us in Nigeria, but it presents new opportunities as well. As part of LINKS response to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown, we have taken a number of initiatives