MEL, GESI & Communication

Providing cross cutting support to the investment, innovation and BER components, the MEL Component is made up of three sub-components:

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Performance measurement across all LINKS supported interventions is key. We collect data and intelligence from all LINKS activities, from initial baseline data collection and analysis through to the project closing results. We use that to create useful information products that can help attract investment and support innovation.

Knowledge Management & Communication

Our KMC team supports the investment, innovation and BER teams to effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders. We gather, then leverage and share information, insights and knowledge to catalyse improvements to our own performance as well as to that of our partners and clients. This also helps replication of successes by businesses and development practitioners alike.

Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI)- Smart Business, Smart Development

Our GESI work aims to increase inclusion of women and people living with disability across all aspects of the project. We work to create opportunities that boost their participation in economic activities thereby increasing income and jobs.

COVID- 19 Response

Project implementation in these unprecedented times is challenging for all of us in Nigeria, but it presents new opportunities as well. As part of LINKS response to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown, we have taken a number of initiatives